Esoteric acupuncture does not focus only on signs and symptoms of illness during the consultation. The focus is on restoring an energetic imbalance by working with the seven chakras and different acupuncture patterns. This form of acupuncture was developed by Mikio Sankey. It uses traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, the Chakra system, Sacred Geometry, and the Quabbalistic Tree of Life, among others.

During an esoteric acupuncture consultation, needles are pricked on acupuncture points that have a major effect on consciousness. Together the needles form a pattern. The points can be connected in a pattern via imaginary lines, often in the form of a few triangles. The needles are placed around chakras and are then arranged in a geometric pattern like a yantra or mandala.

The different patterns of esoteric acupuncture points are aimed at bringing consciousness to a frequency of healing. It would be better to say: “focused on a restoration of higher frequencies”. When the subtler chakra energies are aligned with each other, you experience this both physically and mentally.

A visualization or guided meditation can be part of the consultation. In this form of acupuncture and the accompanying meditations, the heart chakra is central.

Where does healing take place?

With Esoteric Acupuncture we focus on balancing the energy in and around your body. The physical body is an expression of multiple ‘energetic subtle bodies’. In the Bhagavad Gita the subtle bodies (koshas) are described as a combination of consciousness, intellect and ego and the physical body is under the control of these subtler energetic layers.

Esoteric acupuncture not only improves the qi flow of organs and the various physiological body systems. Within it it also balances the chakras, so that in the wider energy field there is calmness, softness and peace.

Esoteric acupuncture makes a harmonious connection with the higher consciousness. A disturbance in the subtle bodies and associated layers of consciousness is often a cause of disease processes. Healing therefore first starts in these subtler layers.

When one can connect with this heightened consciousness, he or she also recognizes the imbalance that is there, the power of our thoughts or our attachment to emotions.

What is the purpose of esoteric acupuncture?

The primary purpose is to expand the force field of love. This field of love is like a gate to increase healing from the heart. When we connect with a heightened consciousness with the heart chakra, we experience that this is the place where insight, compassion, the self-healing ability manifest. You connect with the Greater Field of Love, this field is of course identical to the Divine. God = Love

How can esoteric acupuncture help you?

All esoteric patterns are designed and implemented with the intent to raise consciousness to the highest positive frequencies for healing, to unlock access to ancient wisdoms in other layers of consciousness. Esoteric acupuncture is therefore complementary when walking a spiritual path. In case of pain or illness I will more often first do classical TCM acupuncture or pain relief via (ear) acupuncture. Esoteric acupuncture is only used after consultation with the client.

During a consultation you will notice that you can connect with a higher knowledge than what we think we know from our mind. We can anchor this heightened consciousness in the physical body. So that we can manifest from another level. With a higher frequency in which both connection and healing from heart level can take place.

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