My experiences in my Kriya meditations are difficult to describe. In another piece on this website I described the meditative experience as silence. Once you have learned in meditation how to soothe the mind, you are one with the silence. Patanjali describes this in the Eightfold Path of Yoga as withdrawing the senses, followed by steps of deeper meditation. 

Because the Kriya practice is a secret practice I am not used to sharing my experiences and insights. In addition, when you start talking about a spiritual experience, part of the ego also steps in. With that, the subtlety of the deeply felt experience disappears. Gradually I learned that talking about my experiences in meditation is not functional. Not helpful to myself and not to anyone else.

Personal experiences in meditation are subjective. Images, colors or insights that pass by are meant for you. Someone else feels or experiences this differently in his meditations. Perhaps the other person does not have these experiences at all. Different people have different insights and learn from them in different ways. A spiritual path is very personal. I lift a small corner of the veil here, about my spiritual path and the Kriya Yoga practice.

Pranayama & chakra awareness

Although some meditation traditions tell you that it never gets quiet in your head, that is certainly possible. For example, by doing yoga and breathing exercises that are described in the Raja Yoga tradition. These meditation exercises help quiet the mind. They are classic yoga exercises that are a preparation for Kriya Yoga meditation. 
By doing breathing exercises you get influence on the flow of Prana in the body. Before I didn’t understand what that is: Prana, Qi or something energetic. In yoga meditation we say: energy is where you focus your attention. By doing daily breathing exercises you will learn how Prana, your vital life energy can be used during meditation.

There are 7 major Chakras aligned along the spine, from tailbone to crown. Each Chakra has a resonance with endocrine functions of the body and thus influences our behavior, our emotions and our well-being. When the Chakras are in balance with each other, this brings mental and physical health, insight and strength.

Part of the daily Kriya practice is Chakra meditation. Chakras are also energetic centers of life energy and higher consciousness. Concentration meditation familiarizes you with the vibrancy and vibration in each Chakra. Through meditation on Chakras you connect with a higher energetic consciousness. Through meditation, the whole consciousness is attuned to a higher energetic frequency. That is the great transformative power of Chakra meditation. 


Shiva teaching

Many people practice yoga. But yoga is not a spiritual practice for all of them. Yoga today is also part of a body cult, a hip lifestyle with an identity that people can propagate. It is one of the biggest sports in cities. But the popularity of yoga asana does not mean that people are familiar with concepts such as meditation, devotion, devotion, respect. 
Spirituality in yoga is often a part of the romantic picture, for decoration. Just as easily, a Buddha figurine is put on the plee. As an ornament.

So many people are looking. To himself, to meaning. Towards a way to deal with challenges in this modern age. And there are many gurus and movements, even more exercises and many more books. But you can only do so much.

The goal of Kriya Yoga is to reach the highest step of the Eightfold Path, which is Self-realization. You become one with the object of your meditations, you become one with the Divine. Call it Atman, One-ness, Jesus, Guan Yin or Mary. Eventually you discover that God is equal to love, which is a realization that connects many spiritual traditions.

To detach yourself from all noise, it is important that you do not let yourself be disturbed and commit to the practice. That you are mentally and physically fit and have the dedication of a warrior. My Guruji says that it is his wish that you have the mentality and perseverance, like a ‘Kriya soldier‘.

Guru meditation

When I first met my Guru , I knew immediately that if I wanted to learn something about meditation, it would be under his guidance. I tested it. He never disappointed. I feel his closeness daily, not only in meditation. It is very difficult to explain to another what the love and devotion for a spiritual master means.

Of course, the real teacher is within you. But how do you realize yourself to the highest level in the yoga tradition? This can only be done under the guidance of a living Guru. In my Kriya tradition, this is the only way the fire is passed on. This is a very traditional relationship between the Guru and disciple. That is why many people think that when you have a Guru, you no longer have free will. They think you’re blinded. But a Guru is there for help on the spiritual path. Still, every choice you make in life remains your own responsibility.

Insights through meditation do not come by themselves. Sometimes meditating is hard work. A Guru says that you should do an exercise daily. He does not say in advance that you have to do this every day for the next fifteen years (more often longer). And then you do that daily with dedication and with devotion. Because you have confidence in the teacher, because you find yourself making progress on this path. 

A spiritual path

Meditation practice is humbling. A spiritual path is not just the romantic picture of warmth and bliss. The world is pulling and inner processes are often slower than the quick fix that modern meditation apps or hip leadership programs promise you. That is applied meditation, apart from spirituality. 

There is so much information available. You can also overfeed yourself. There is no book that describes, or teacher that instructs you on how to live your life. Don’t get stuck in a form or tradition. Don’t let others measure you. But don’t be normative yourself and keep your eyes open. You don’t have to be a holy bean, but you also don’t have to do stupid things.

As far as Kriya Yoga is concerned, it is ultimately mainly about practice. That means that sometimes you have to let go of people, things or things. That you have to make unorthodox choices. So that you can put your life at the service of the meditation practice. 

Walk your spiritual path with creativity. This means that lessons can come in many forms. See if you can recognize them. The people you meet, the books you read, videos of speakers or other teachers, etc. inspire you. Bring these lessons into your meditation. Shape them, by propagating them in life itself.

10-04-2019 To be continued.