Your first visit, what to expect?

When you lie down on the treatment table, a few needles are placed in the legs, feet, hands, arms or abdomen. Possibly on the back, neck or head. Of course you can always leave your underwear (including bra) on.

Hair-thin needles are placed in precise places. About 10 to 15 needles per treatment. Acupuncture needles are sterile packaged and are single use.

Acupuncture treatment does not hurt. When inserting the needle, you will feel a small prick as soon as the needle goes through the skin. The needles that are used are thin and they are very precisely punctured on special acupuncture points.

You may feel a shock after insertion and when moving the needle. Acupuncturists call that “De Qì” and this means that Qi has arrived at the point so the needle can do its job.

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Examination and diagnosis

A consultation takes about an hour. Prior to the treatment, I will check how you are doing now and whether progress has been made since the previous appointment. The pulse is felt and I will also ask you to stick your tongue out so I can examine it. 

By feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue I can diagnose the complaint according to Chinese Medicine. With this information I make a treatment plan and can also estimate how many treatments will be needed to help you.

Below you can read more about the treatment techniques: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, moxa, and cupping.

Chinese herbs

A skilled herbalist will give you a correct diagnosis after doing the anamnesis. He will compose, by knowledge of hundreds of Chinese herbs and formulas, a personalized recipe for your complaint . 

In recent years I have immersed myself in the study of Chinese herbs. And in the years to come I will keep training this craft.

Since prescribing herbal formulas to patients, treatment outcomes have improved significantly. As medicinal herbs are taken daily, the body can be strengthened or nourished from within. 

There are formulas that help warm, or help cool. there are formulas that harmonize and soothe. Chinese herbs are used for chronic complaints that are difficult to treat with acupuncture alone.

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Ear acupuncture

Tiny needles pierced in the ear are covered with a band-aid and can remain in the ear for up to six days. You can just shower, sleep, move with it. If necessary, I combine ear and body acupuncture in one consultation.

Reflex points in the ear are especially sensitive when there is a disturbance in the body. Every part of the body can be found in the ear. Parts of the ear do not only correspond to physical parts of the musculoskeletal system or nervous system. We find every organ, every endocrine or brain function in the ear.

As a result, auriculo therapy can be used to support smoking cessation or to reduce other addictions. Pain can be sedated through the ear. Auriculo provides support for an overload of stress or sleep problems.

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Cupping is a massage technique that is widely used in Eastern medicine.

Toxins in muscles and joints are not always easily broken down by the body. This can cause blockages and inconveniences. Cupping brings these toxins to the surface of the skin. Because of this, cupping helps detoxify the body.

Special glass cups are applied vacuum to the skin. The muscles and skin get well blooded, making it easier for the body to remove waste materials, resulting in overall relaxation.

A red spot may be visible locally after a cupping treatment. This is normal and the stain will disappear after a few days. When the redness has disappeared, there will also be an improvement in symptoms.

Cupping is not used in every treatment, but it is used, for example, for a cold, stiff muscles or back pain.

moxa behandeling


Moxa is an herb that’s called mugwort herb in English.

Moxa therapy is an addition to acupuncture treatment and part of Chinese medicine. It is used to combat pain and strengthen organs. It helps with scar treatment.

A moxa stick looks a lot like a big cigar. When you light it, it spreads an intense heat radiation over the acupuncture point, which is very pleasant and not at all painful.

During a treatment it is possible that the meridians, acupuncture points, reflex points and scars are treated. The heat treatment with Moxa gives a deep effect on a physical and energetic level. Moxa dissipates cold and strengthens the Yang energy.