You yourself can do so much more, for a happy life, with more ease.

What conditions can acupuncture treat?

I treat:

  • all pain complaints,
  • headaches,
  • muscle and joint complaints,
  • abdominal pain and digestive complaints,
  • neurological complaints in case of brain injury,
  • complaints of the urinary tract and reproductive system,
  • back and neck pain complaints,
  • scar repair,
  • quit smoking or other addictions.

In the acupuncture clinic I offer support for physical tension and mental problems. Acupuncture can bring relief for insomnia, mood disorders, and ruminating. It can help you back on track when you are burnout or suffering from depression. Part of each consultation is a clinical anamnesis in which I will analyse the progress that has been made so far. I will explain clearly what we are working on and how the treatment will continue.

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To be in harmony

Health is more than just being free from disease. Health is having a beautiful energetic connection with your environment.

All natural medicines are based on the idea that you have to be in harmony with the world around you. Some focus on nutrition, others – such as acupuncture – on energy.

Whichever approach you choose, the starting point is that you communicate correctly with the movements, the people, animals and the things around you.

Quote by Ton van Gelder