Healing with Chinese herbs

To complement acupuncture consultations, I can prepare an herbal prescription for you. In Chinese medicine, herbal formulas are a traditional and powerful medicine in treating many complaints.

Chinese medicine has its own jargon and its own diagnostic tools. In the Netherlands acupuncture is the best known treatment technique. However, Chinese herbs are at the heart of this naturopathic teaching. The therapeutic scope is enormous and working with herbs therefore requires a sophisticated and correct diagnosis.

Herbs are used when there is exhaustion, for example when recovering from burnout, or lack of energy. They can help harmonise the menstrual cycle or support the body during the hormonal changes of menopause. Herbs can nourish the blood, or treat chronic joint pain or back pain. Actually, there are very few complaints where a Chinese doctor would not choose herbs.

Herbal prescriptions are prescribed by me for a period of three or four weeks. After that, you come back to the acupuncture studio and I check whether any adjustments need to be made to the composition. You take the herbs three times a day this allows them to nourish, support or harmonise the body from within.

I work with granules that are sent to your home address by ‘Chinaherbs’ or ‘De Natuurapotheek’. You don’t have to prepare it yourself. Ingestion is easy; You dissolve the granules (herbs in powder form) in a little boiling water and take them between meals. Better not together with your meal.

Because every person has a different constitution and also a different course of symptoms, the herbal formulas are tailor-made for you personally. This makes it necessary for you to come back for a repeat prescription so that I can examine how you are doing then and whether the herbs you are taking are still appropriate. When we meet again I can do an anamnesis and review the current situation.

The traditional medicine of China is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. It originated at the same time as Ayurveda, Indian medicine. TCM is a naturopathic method and has a history that goes back more than 2000 years.